SpeedUp My PC 3.5 Portable

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SpeedUp My PC 3.5 Portable

Post by PerFect_29 on Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:03 pm

Speed Up My PC is designed to help your speed up your Windows
installation and your computer to help them run more efficiently. As
long as we have had PCs, there have been solutions that attempt to
squeeze a bit more performance out of your existing system. One way to
overcome this problem is through newer pieces of hardware. A faster
CPU, more RAM and a beefier video card can work wonders. An alternative
is to install software that attempts to speed up or stabilize Windows,
memory or hard drive usage. I'll forgo a full historical review of
these applications and instead sum up the basic problem and solution.

Windows and its predecessor, DOS, have been plagued with less than
optimal abilities to handle memory and multitasking applications. These
problems result in slow operation and system crashes. Software
solutions aim to optimize the use of memory and hardware to address
some of Windows’ inherent flaws. Another way to look at it is from a
people perspective. Although you could upgrade a person’s hardware
(give them a new brain), it is quite costly (and impossible with
today’s technology). It's simply more efficient to teach them better
ways of remembering or processing information. Although computer
hardware upgrades are more viable, they can still be costly.


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