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Tune Tools for Ipod

Post by haig_mobilkom on Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:25 pm

Tune Tools for Ipod

ou love your iPod, but it comes with built-in limitations. Get quick and easy access to all your owned content and more. Tune Tools™ allows you to transfer songs between iPods, make instant back-ups, recover missing files and even create podcasts!

Transfer - Move songs, videos, podcasts and other files
easily from your iPod to a computer or another iPod.

File Recovery - Restore files that occasionally disappear
from the iPod database with the click of a mouse.

Detect & Fix - Find your iPod’s problems before they
find you and correct them with a click of a mouse.

Create - Easily import sound files, edit them, and
combine them with other files or new recordings
for personalized podcasts.

Clean Up - Remove duplicate songs, correct incorrect
tags and detect inconsistencies between your library
and your iPod.

Protect - With instant back-ups, your songs, videos and podcasts are safe!

Simplify - NEW and IMPROVED user-friendly interface
makes protecting, transferring, recovering and detecting MUCH EASIER!

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